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Sve vesti

Serbian e-Sports Association

Serbian e-Sports Association (SeSA) is an organisation of video game and sports competition lovers, aiming to promote e-sports in Serbia and in the region.   “Trik“ snacks are the general sponsor of the IRL 2019 National qualifiers, as well as the teams that will represent the Republic of… Read More

Retro Solar Sailboat

Considering that the open sea and freedom are a dream of every pirate, it is natural that the brand “Kasato“ (the trademark of which is a pirate) supported a retro-futuristic project of a sailboat, designed and realised by Rambo Amadeus. Retro Solar Sailboat represents a unique sailboat driven only… Read More

Olympic Committee of Serbia

The Olympic Committee of Serbia is a national Olympic committee organising the athletes for the competition at the Olympics and other minor sport events. It was founded in 1910, and nowadays gathers over 40 associations from various sports, competing at the Summer and Winter Olympics. “Trik”… Read More

Pumpkin days

Pumpkin days are a regional manifestation taking place in Kikinda every September, with a tradition spanning over three decades. Every year, tens of thousands of people visit the Pumpkin days and have an opportunity to enjoy a diverse gastronomic, cultural, entertainment and sports program. The official colour of manifestation is… Read More

Blood Transfusion Institute

The extraordinary humanity of people reflected in a voluntary blood donation, has inspired “Noblice” to join this action. It is known that, after a blood donation, the organism needs something sweet. This is why all the blood donors, who had come to the Blood Transfusion Institute on the World Blood… Read More

Red Cross Kikinda

As part of the educational, health and humanitarian activities with the youth, every year the Red Cross Kikinda organises a manifestation called “Race for a happier childhood” which gathers more than 4,000 participants in 27 categories. By participating in the race in large numbers, children and young people show… Read More