Domaćice u posudi

Worthy of trust

“Domaćica” is a warm, bright and inspirational family biscuit that brings the finest
It is intended for all the generations.

Prva Domaćica Kakao pozadina

The first “Domaćica” – crunchy biscuits covered with cocoa topping.

Prva Domaćica
Domaćice u činiji
Prva Reklama
The first commercial

With “Domaćica” you will enjoy a unique variety of well-known flavours which bring us back
to the lovely smells of childhood.

Domaćica Keksići Kakao i kolačić Puter
Domaćica papirić Domaćica papirić Domaćica keksić Domaćica keksić Srce Srce Čokolada Čokolada Domaćica Tart Kajsija

It brings a completely new experience of traditional tea biscuits, at the same time exploring
new shapes of tasty delicacies.

The finest biscuits covered with cocoa topping or filled with nougat, apricot or apple cream.
Made with carefully selected ingredients, flavoured with lots of love.

Kolačići Kolačići Lešnik
Domaćica tart

Your “Domaćica” – Worthy of trust